Sem Screws - Captive Washer Screws

In order to increase the speed and efficiency of your assembly processes, Inserco Fasteners provides a very diverse range of fasteners commonly used in field of electronics.

SEMS screws, also called captive fasteners, are fasteners associated with one or more permanently fixed washers.

The washers are installed during the manufacturing process on the blank of the screw before rolling the thread. As the outer diameter of the thread is greater than the inner diameter of the washers, they cannot be loosened.

This device eliminates the need to place the washer(s) on the screw by hand during installation, greatly facilitating the installation and thus gaining in productivity.

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The pre-assembled fastener has many advantages :
– Guarantees locking and resists loosening
– Facilitates assembly and disassembly (parts are pre-assembled)
– Simplifies stock management and logistics
– Eliminates non-compliance related to improper assembly or missing washers

We supply fasteners that meet ISO, DIN or NFE requirements, and we can also produce on to according your drawings.


Materials and finishes :
Steel, stainless steel A2/A4 – Other materials and finishes on request


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